Theme or characteristic found in various stories or situations.

Alice Hartley

Hartley is a multi-disciplined artist living and working in South East London she continues to exhibit around the UK, Europe, and North America. Her work references dreams, familiar landscapes, and fragments of her own text. Her time printmaking at the RCA encouraged her to push scale as far as she could and take her mark-making to more expressive outlets.

The brief was to help create visual narratives, to convey her unique analog practice, guided by clear functionality while being able to preserve her voice. We approached this project by engaging in a series of workshops, visiting the artist in her space, and observing printing methods. This helped us better understand how and why Alice works.

Alice Hartley

Typography and messaging play a key role in Alice’s work. After extensive exploration, we landed upon ABC Diatype from Dinamo, a warm yet sharp modernist grotesque typeface inspired by clunky, pre-digital typesetting machines that informed its shape and provided us with a solid foundation.

When combined with Alice’s distinctive, raw handwriting and occasional bursts of blue, we utilize these elements as powerful graphic tools, this approach enables us to amplify the artist’s voice while maintaining clarity.

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