Theme or characteristic found in various stories or situations.

Daniel Avery – Song For Alpha

Working together with Phantasy Sounds and Daniel Avery we were asked to develop the artwork and campaign for Dan’s upcoming album “Song for Alpha’.

Daniel Avery – Song For Alpha

“The general idea of the album is light emerging from darkness, hope emerging from fear. Those moments of grace when something or someone reminds you that love is what keeps the world moving forwards.

For me, clubbing and the wider world of electronic music represent these feelings. They are inclusive, international, positive, universal, euphoric; those special moments in a club have the ability to stay with you forever and can change your outlook on everything. Saying that, whilst Song For Alpha has been influenced by techno, I wanted to make something that would soar beyond that”.

This initial concept was carried through for the release of supporting singles, remixes and merchandise bringing it to life on digital tour posters. The album and artwork have both received much critical acclaim since its release in early 2018.