Theme or characteristic found in various stories or situations.

The Campaign For Wool

The Campaign for Wool is a global endeavour initiated by its patron, HM King Charles III, in order to raise awareness amongst consumers about the unique, natural, renewable and biodegradable benefits offered by the fibre.

We were asked to create a new visual identity that could be used across all global markets, from the UK, Italy and Australia to Japan. We began by refining the typography and selected a clear, contemporary typeface that could be used across all new assets allowing cohesion. To ensure consistency throughout all of the company’s new assets we built extensive brand guidelines with instructions on how best to utilize the new graphic elements including strict layout guides for all artworks and applications.


The Campaign For Wool

We commissioned illustrator Holly Exley to produce a collection of bespoke illustrations of some of the key sheep used within the wool industry including Lincoln, Romney, Shetland and Merino. These illustrations were used to bring a warming and friendly dynamic to the brand language.

London’s iconic Savile Row annually transformed for UK Wool Week.