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The Gun

We created a new brand identity including signage and menus for the local pub on Well Street, Hackney. We were invited on a site visit before the refurbishment commenced to discuss the new owner’s vision. The main objective was to create a visual language that respected the pub’s past and reflected the interior details. We were inspired by an old piece of typography behind the original bar which lead us to use Futwora typeface, a contemporary take on the classic font Futura.

In keeping with classic pub crests conception methods (often a literal depiction of the name) we wanted to reflect the name but in a more abstracted, subtle way. The result is a simplistic circular badge that represents the 6 barrels of a gun cylinder. It was also important for us to have a more classic typographic lock up that we could apply throughout the building, beer mats, merchandise and printed collateral.

The Gun

We also recently helped them create a set of graphics and marketing assets to help promote a gofundme campaign launched by the owners in order to help it survive the initial Covid-19 lockdown. The campaign resulted in the pub raising £30,000.00 in 48hrs.