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Tutto Wines

A leading importer of natural wine in the U.K whose main objective is to share with British drinkers the wines they love. Their core objectives are to remove the distance between the growers and the people who drink their wines and to work with artisans who farm without using any chemicals and resist the urge to manipulate the wines in the cellar. Often bringing producers to Britan for tastings, dinners and other events offering everyone a chance to meet the men and women who work among the vines.

Tutto Wines

Our first job was to review the existing logo which was working unsuccessfully both online and in small print. We needed an idea that would help TUTTO stand out amongst the emerging competition which at the time had an overtly DIY, hand-rendered aesthetic.

This updated logotype needed to be simple, clean and contemporary but also approachable. We settled on an amended version of Adieu from Good Type Foundry, pairing it with Wolpe Pegasus which helps us keep the visual language grounded with a certain amount of tradition.

The next stage was to launch a website that would celebrate the growers. They have some fantastic, content-rich stories penned by Alex. From short stories, in-season drinks pairings and travel anecdotes from trips with growers which give you a real sense of time and place. This became something we wanted to have at the forefront of the site, a journal with constant updates of stories, new arrivals and events driving people to dig a little deeper, stay a little longer and understand a little more.

A major part of the process was to digitise their extensive, constantly evolving wine list for the wholesale side of the business. Allowing teams from restaurants and shops easy access to placing orders and finding all the information they need no matter what time of the day or night.

Other aspects of the project have involved material such as tasting sheets, winemaker forms and producer postcards. These Postcards are duplexed on GF Smith Colorplan and are used to give out at tastings that focus on an individual winemaker, with the aim to drive more people to the website for further readings and to further enhance the TUTTO ethos removing the distance between the growers and the people who drink their wines.