Theme or characteristic found in various stories or situations.

Visible Gravity

An ode to those early and quiet moments in a night where the strobe light is still only a hopeful glimmer beyond the horizon, a sign of the euphoria to follow.


Visible Gravity

The concept was born after experimenting with sound waves to sit alongside a 48-minute ambient track created by Daniel Avery for XLR8R. We began to ask ourselves if we could evolve the process of capturing soundwaves in real-time and how to manipulate them in a way that’s subtle, organic and pulls you in.

Our main tool for this process was Abelton Live, importing the sound and capturing its visual representation using an Oscilloscope to view the waveforms. We then added various plug-ins which let us manipulate the frequencies which gave us a live visual representation in a striking and bold manner allowing the music to flow and flicker, building up to a euphoric release.

Animations and edits by Connor Campbell.  The full film can be viewed here VISUAL GRAVITY and at the top of this project page.